Meet Nando - the Husky who refuses to run

Huskies may be known for racing across snowy terrains with sleds, but Nando has a slightly different approach to life. The Siberian Husky has surprised staff at Battersea by choosing not to run when he’s taken out for walks, and instead enjoying a nice lie down.

16 July 2012
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Nando likes to do things his own way, and when he’s walked on a lead he frequently drops to the floor and lies down. He also has a fear of stairs, and to avoid walking down them he just lies at the top.

Rehoming and Welfare Assistant Hannah O’Gorman explains: “Traditionally Huskies are energetic working dogs who pull sleds, but we don’t think that life would suit Nando, as he is always lying down! He’s clearly not had much training in the past so we are trying to help him overcome his fears and teach him that walking on a lead or going down stairs doesn’t mean he has to flatten himself to the floor.” 

Huskies are normally very independent and can be aloof, but once again Nando breaks the mould. He loves being with people and craves attention, and is happiest when he’s receiving a fuss.

Nando arrived at Battersea as a stray in June, after he was found wandering in a park in Lewisham, and staff believe he is three to five years old. He wasn’t wearing a collar or tag and unfortunately his microchip details hadn’t been registered, so Battersea has been unable to trace his owner.

As he was a stray his original name is a mystery, but staff decided to call him Nando, as he loves chicken. “Nando normally isn’t that bothered by food and doesn’t want to work for it, but he does adore a tasty bit of chicken,” Hannah says. 

Despite originating from Siberia, Huskies are becoming increasingly popular pets in the UK. In 2000 just 10 Huskies came into Battersea, surging to 55 in 2011, and 39 have already arrived this year. Hannah explains that the increase is largely down to owners failing to properly research the breed.

She says: “Huskies are incredibly intelligent and strong-willed, so they need to be trained from puppies. Many people just see them as cute bundles of fluff when they are young, forgetting that they will turn into a smart, large, and often demanding adult.”

Battersea is now looking for a new home for Nando with an owner who understands his breed. While he likes other dogs he would prefer to live alone, and would suit a home without children. Ideally he needs a home away from the city, with his own garden to play in.

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