Homeless hounds try for Grand Slam glory

As England prepare to take on Wales at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium for the 6 Nations Grand Slam decider and what would be for the men in white their first Grand Slam in a decade, six patriotic dogs at Battersea are honing their skills to try and find a new home in time for this Saturday’s showdown.

The squad of elite dogs are all big rugby fans and are hoping they’ll even find a team to call their own.     

Meet Battersea’s 6 Nations Championship canines.




As one of the squad’s most senior and experienced players, Inka the Husky has given a virtuoso performance in her three months at Battersea. True to her breed, Inka has the strength, speed, stamina and skills to carry off any game and make fast and stealthy sprints to the touchline. 

  Inka, Husky


A great team player and an integral part of the squad, it has taken Snickers precious little time to impress with his speed and prowess. With the right guidance this lovable lad could be the top of his game.



At 1-2 year's old he may be one of the more junior members of the team, but athleticism is the name of Azlan’s game and with the right management, this clear and calm thinker is sure to get off to a promising start and score essential points to lead the team to glory.

Azlan, Akita cross


Few dogs have had the debut-season impact that this promising young upstart has made since joining Battersea in February this year. This active and sociable boy is a great team player, coupled with his speed and accuracy for chasing balls make him the one to look out for this season.



A dynamic player who shows great skill and speed. Simba hasn’t had the best of starts but since being taken in by Battersea has shown so much promise and will definitely give the opposition a run for their money. During her time at Battersea this key player has shown her team mates that she’s got what it takes to be the top of her game.




A consistent performer, Akita Hachi’s strength and determination would make him the perfect part of any team. Since his arrival at Battersea he has been on scintillating form showing staff his loyalty and intelligence and love for keeping fit. 

Hachi, Akita

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