ITV This Morning statement

On 2 November Battersea took part in the ITV1 programme feature with This Morning on the understanding that it was a piece on ‘winter fashion’ for children and dogs.

02 November 2012

Unfortunately this was changed by the programme to ‘Bonfire Night fashion’ without Battersea’s knowledge. The charity would not have taken part in the TV feature if we had known this in advance. We will be following this up and complaining to This Morning.

Battersea would never encourage anyone to take their dog out on Bonfire Night – often known as Fireworks Night - as they can be extremely stressful times for animals. We issue advice on how to keep your pets calm during these times, and focus on keeping pets inside, away from the noise and fireworks. We also work hard to ensure our dogs in kennels are kept safe and calm during Bonfire Night. We black out the kennel windows, play our dogs relaxing music to drown out the noise, and give them long-lasting chews as a distraction.

Please be assured that dogs’ welfare is paramount to Battersea.

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