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    • Ireo
    • named after Frank Ireo band member from My Chemical Romance !
    • Kitty
    • he's tiny like a kitten
    • Scrag
    • my baby is a scraggy cat
    • Fred
    • hes my freddie boy
    • Socks
    • She has 4 white paws and looks like she has socks on!
    • Minnie (moos)
    • She was already named Minnie when we got her, shes very pretty and can be a bit of a Mooie (well she is the feline princess after all)
    • Mickey
    • because we were told she was a boy (turns out she isnt) and her sister was already named Minnie
    • Betty
    • After ugly betty
    • Sky
    • Because my cat is as black as the night sky
    • Snipes
    • because he always snipes at introders but he loves to be stroked and he looks like strippes in the sun shine
    • Snoopy
    • He was always had his nose in bags draws and cupboards .
    • Snoopy
    • He was always had his nose in bags draws and cupboards .
    • Patsy
    • he's blonde and we were told he was a girl...
    • Mori
    • Japanese for Forest, which is where he was found before he came to live with us.
    • Twinkle
    • Because she's a silver tabby
    • Peppi
    • He is the colour of pepper
    • Rockie
    • He was my Friend. RIP
    • Pepsi
    • we brought him home as a kitten in a cardboard pepsi box
    • Pod
    • He lived in a pod when we fell in love with him at Battersea Old Windsor
    • Nikki
    • Because it means little in Hindi and although she was first born in our litter, she was the smallest!

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