Raising money for Battersea


You might already know where your fundraising is going to take you or you could still be sniffing out a good idea. Either way, we’re here to help with practical advice, useful information and inspirational ideas.

In 2012 Battersea cared for more than 5,500 dogs and nearly 3,000 cats and it cost £12.7m to care for the dogs and cats at Battersea’s three centres in south London, at Brands Hatch and Old Windsor. We receive no Government funding to help us run the Home – we exist purely through the generosity of people just like you.

There are loads of ways you can raise money for our dogs and cats whether it’s at home, at work or at school. We’d love to hear from you too and chat through some ideas so please feel free to call us on 020 7627 9314 or email [email protected]


You don’t have to get out & about to raise money for our dogs and cats, there’s plenty that you can do in the comfort of your own home! You could invite friends round for a dinner party or offer to wash your neighbour’s car or walk their dog for a donation. For more ideas and advice please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Fundraising at work not only encourages teamwork but it can help improve morale so bring out your inner Fido and ask you workmates to join you. It could be as simple as putting a collection tin on your reception desk or you could really get stuck in and organise a cake sale, quiz night or office Olympics!


Whether you’re a school, a college, a youth group or a young person looking to raise money for Battersea - there are loads of ways you can get involved. From organising a dog or cat themed sports day to dressing as a dog or cat for the day there are so many ways for your school to get involved!

Out and About

Use your contacts and sniff out some great fundraising ideas to raise money in your local community maybe at your local church or community centre. You could also get out there and shake a bucket at your local supermarket or train station and dress up as a dog or a cat to help get the donations rolling in.

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