Behaviour advice

At Battersea we have been caring for dogs since 1860 and cats since 1883. In that time we've built up a wealth of knowledge and experience about the behaviour of both which we're keen to share with pet owners. We produce factsheets, leaflets and behaviour programmes for both dogs and cats covering a huge range of topics, including housetraining, mental stimulation and neutering. 

Behaviour advice for ex-Battersea cats and dogs

Battersea's Rehoming Team are able to offer behaviour advice to owners of ex-Battersea animals. Staff are able to advise on most issues including housetraining, basic training and problems with being left alone.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7627 9234

Other organisations

If your animal was not rehomed from Battersea, in the first instance we recommend contacting your vet for behaviour advice.

Additionally, there are a number of other organisations who also provide help and advice for owners who are experiencing problems with their pet's behaviour:

Behaviour Advice Line

Unfortunately Battersea is no longer able to offer a Behaviour Advice Line. Please refer to the information above for alternative contact details.

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