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Owning a dog or cat should be an enjoyable experience but occasionally, things don't go entirely to plan. When this happens, pet owners are often unsure where to turn for help and advice. At Battersea we have built up a huge amount of knowledge and experience and one of our main objectives is to pass this on to dog and cat owners. 

Pet ownership comes with responsibilities and on these pages, we aim to advise owners how to ensure their dog or cat is safe, healthy and happy.

Losing your dog or cat can be a traumatic experience for pet owners. Through our Lost Dogs & Cats Line we aim to reunite owners with their lost pets. We also provide advice about pet identification.

When behaviour issues do arise, the Home produces a range of factsheets and other publications which address a range of problems.

Health is a very important issue and there are some conditions which commonly affect rescue dogs. Our vets have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject and you can even read about some of the cases which have been treated in the Home.

At Battersea we realise that education about responsible pet ownership and safe interaction with dogs and cats needs to start with children and we also provide resources and information specifically for teachers to use in schools.

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