5 reasons to rescue a staffordshire bull terrier

29 JANUARY 2019

Many people see a dog’s breed as a key factor in deciding which dog to rescue. However, all dogs have their own personalities and quirks, which vary, even within the same breed.

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At Battersea, we assess all our dogs individually, so we can match you up with the most suitable dog for you and your lifestyle. Read our top 5 reasons to rescue a Staffie below.

1. Staffies are softer than you think

The majority of Staffies are gentle and loving dogs. They are generally a friendly and affectionate breed who love nothing more than a fuss from their owners. Staffies can makes dedicated family pets as their moderate and patient temperament means they’re great with children.

2. Easy to train

Training a rescue Staffie is a very rewarding experience as they are an intelligent breed who love to please their owners. Staffies have the potential to learn far more than basic commands, just like ex Battersea dog, Cookie, who has now joined the prison service as a sniffer dog – watch her in action below:

3. A healthy breed

Staffordshire Bull Terriers’ robust build makes for a very hardy dog. Staffies generally experience very few breed specific health issues.

4. Minimal grooming necessary

As they have a short, single layer coat, Staffies require minimal grooming. They don’t need their fur clipped and just need a regular quick brush to remove any shed fur.

5. A playful companion

Many Staffies are very spirited and love nothing more than to play games with their owners. They will happily play with toys in short energetic bursts before lying down for a cuddle and a snooze.


Ready to be loved

Rehoming a Battersea rescue dog is a very rewarding experience and gives our dogs the second chance of the loving home they deserve.

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