In numbers

See Battersea’s income and expenditure for 2018 as well as key numbers on rehoming.


Total animals we helped in 2018

3,282 Dogs

2,447 Cats


Our Income

2018 income, of £38.4m, excluding gifts in kind, was £1.1m lower than the previous year.

This reduction was driven by year-on-year decline in legacy income of £1.9m, as a result of a depressed housing market in the south east of England partly due to uncertainties around Brexit, as well as the absence of any individual high-value legacies comparable to those received in 2017.

However, donations were £0.4m up on last year, which can be attributed to the introduction of our new Paw Draw Lottery.


Our Expenditure

The amount we spent on caring for animals at Battersea and the amount spent on increasing awareness of our work and educating the public about issues around responsible pet ownership was in total £24.5m, £3.3m higher than expenditure in 2017.

Overall expenditure in the year of £39.9m, excluding gifts in kind, increased by £7.4m from 2017, this increase was due to the exciting refresh of the Battersea brand, the launch of the Battersea Academy and grant-giving programmes to extend our impact in animal welfare, depreciation charges incurred as a result of the site development programme and continued investment in fundraising.