Battersea Launches Pledge for Pets in Rented Homes

02 AUGUST 2022

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Battersea is here for every dog and cat, and that means we see some of the most heart-breaking cases of people giving up their pets because their landlord refuses permission to keep them in their property. We also know there are many other renters that would like to adopt a dog or cat but aren’t allowed. With millions of Brits renting their home, it’s a problem we can’t afford to ignore - 76% of tenants already own or aspire to take on a pet in the future.

For many of us, the pandemic really made us appreciate all our pets do for us. Whether it’s getting us out of the house for daily dog walks, or the companionship our cats give us day-in, day-out, animal-lovers see huge boosts to their mental and physical health from their pets. It doesn’t seem fair that these benefits should be denied to renters.

Battersea launched our Pet Friendly Properties campaign in 2018 to recognise that pet ownership has become a challenging issue for renters. Whether it’s people giving up their pets because their contract has a ‘no pets’ clause, or somebody keeping their cat a secret in order to keep a roof over their head, we think we can all do so much better for renters, landlords and pets.

Earlier this year, we published a new report looking at the issue from the perspective of private renters, and set out a series of recommendations as to how the situation could be improved. We also wanted to tackle some of the common misconceptions that people may have about pets in rented housing, including highlighting the benefits of tenants with pets for landlords willing to make accommodations.

Pledge to support pets in more rented homes

We want to support renters, landlords and letting agents to back responsible pet ownership, so we are asking you to help us take the next step. By pledging your support, you can help us show how many people are invested in finding collaborative solutions to this issue.

sign our pledge

This isn’t a change that will come overnight, but we have seen some encouraging progress. The Government White Paper 'A Fairer Private Rented Sector' promises to bring an end to blanket bans on pets in rented homes in England, and we know many landlords and letting agents support these changes – after all, many are pet owners themselves.

There are plenty of potential solutions on the table to find common ground that works for everyone. For example, many of the landlord groups that we have spoken to have indicated that specific insurance products that could be taken out by tenants to mitigate against potential pet damage would be enough for them to feel protected in allowing pets.

While the White Paper is a significant first step, the recent political uncertainty means that we can’t guarantee that further progress will be forthcoming this year. That’s why it’s even more important that in the interim we demonstrate the urgency with which tenants and landlord groups want to see the Government commit to introducing legislation in this area.

Battersea will also be working with political stakeholders and Government officials to show them the strength of feeling and help make the case that inaction is not an option.

So please sign our pledge and share it with any animal lovers you know. Together we can make all the difference for pets in rented homes.

You can find more information about the campaign, including advice for both tenants and landlords, on our Pet Friendly Properties webpage. You can also keep up with our Public Affairs & Policy Team on Twitter, or email us at


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