Cat food recalled due to links to feline pancytopenia

29 JUNE 2021

Last updated 2 July 2021

The Food Standards Agency has recalled multiple cat food products manufactured by Fold Hill Foods, in response to an increase in cases of pancytopenia in cats. These include:

  • Applaws Kitten and Cat Dry range

  • Pets at Home AVA range

  • By Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Recipe range

See the full list of recalled products here

Feline pancytopenia is a serious, but usually rare condition, where the body develops dangerously low levels of certain blood cells (red, white and platelets). Common symptoms include lethargy and loss of appetite, and one of the first more specific signs that can be seen is bleeding from the mouth, nose, or bowel. In more severe cases, excessive bleeding can lead to collapse.

If you have been feeding your cat a recalled brand of cat food

Do not feed your cat any more of this food. Please contact the product manufacturers for brand specific questions. You can find more details on the recalled products here.

If your cat is ill after eating a recalled brand of cat food

Please contact your vet immediately so they can examine your cat and discuss further investigations as necessary. Vets treating cats affected by pancytopenia are encouraged to complete a survey by the Royal Veterinary College to help them understand more about the condition.

For the latest information and advice on feline pancytopenia

Visit the Royal Veterinary College website which is currently updated daily as they continue their investigation into the situation.