Catch up with... Becky Lodder

06 APRIL 2020

Each week, we’re introducing you to one of our fabulous staff members and volunteers, so you can find out more about their work and what a typical day is like for them here at Battersea. They’ll even share stories and photos of their favourite Battersea animals.

Becky and Mabel

This week, we caught up remotely with Becky Lodder, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at our London Centre.

Tell us a bit about what you do at Battersea

I’m the Rehoming and Welfare Manager for Dog Intake & Assessing at Battersea. I oversee the intake of all dogs coming into the London centre and my role is usually very hands on.

But with the current outbreak and new measures we’ve taken, this has meant some big changes in what I do everyday! I am getting used to working from home on a more regular basis at the moment, but as a Duty Manager I still go in to oversee the site at least one day a week.

Whilst working from home I have been assisting in making sure as many of our dogs as possible have been moved into suitable emergency foster homes in order to reduce the number of animals we have on site. As well as looking after my own foster dog who demands a lot of my attention too! This has been incredibly successful thanks to our amazing staff and foster carers and means we can now accept emergency cases coming into our centres and ensure we are still offering the best possible care for all our animals.

I am also required to be onsite once a week as a Duty Manager in order to supervise the running of the centre with a smaller staff team. I make sure to also use this time to get some cuddles with the dogs we have in kennels who are now getting lots and lots of extra attention!

As well as all this, I manage the welfare of over 60 members of staff too so have been making sure to liaise with my fabulous team leaders on ensuring we're keeping up with everyone's personal development and general morale as much as we can from home. This has included some great online quizzes and lots of photos of how all our pets are 'helping' us work remotely!

Who is your most memorable Battersea animal and why?

I was very privileged to be able to foster albino Pekingese Boo for a short while. I have to say (and you'll probably instantly see why!) that he is one of the most special dogs I have ever met.

He was just a puppy, only 6 months old and was brought to Battersea because his owners couldn't afford the medical treatment he would need for his eyes. He received all the treatment he needed at Battersea and took it all in his stride. He is a happy go lucky, independent little guy and everyone just fell in love with him at first sight, including his lucky new owners. Thanks to him, I also got to meet Sharon Osborne (who loved him, of course!) while filming with Paul O’Grady for the ITV show Paul O’Grady’s for the Love of Dogs, which was great fun!

Boo the Pekingese

Tell us about an animal you’ve cared for that really stood out

There are so many to choose from! However, my foster dogs are such a big part of my time at Battersea that I have to choose my first ever foster dog Gizmo, or Gizzy as we called him. He really struggled in kennels to start with and wouldn't let anyone touch him for his first few days. One day, he suddenly jumped up on my lap and then just continued to progress from there. I took him home on foster on my birthday weekend and after letting my partner and I into his small circle of trust, he came on leaps and bounds. He went to a lovely home very soon after.

Gizmo the dog

What is your favourite thing about working at Battersea?

I really love the opportunity to use my skills in lots of different areas and work with so many experts in their fields. My days are so varied! One day I could be recording a podcast with Clare Balding, the next working with a dog in the office to see if they will settle or build a better bond outside kennels. While all that’s going on I could also be contributing to a press statement on the increase of dogs coming into rescue centres due to online sales by email. Everything I do has a direct link to helping an animal, or a person who is helping an animal, and that just makes my job so incredibly rewarding.

Show us your favourite ever photo of a Battersea animal

We had a flurry of chihuahuas at one point and this photo just reminds me of all of them and how wonderfully cute they all were. I'm a big fan of little dogs so I was in my element!

A flurry of chihuahuas came into the centre

Top TV, Book or Film recommendation for lockdown?

The Bees by Laline Paull was a very interesting read, told from the perspective of an actual bee! An innovative take on social class and hierarchy that also gives an incredible insight to the hive from inside it.


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