Catch up with... Harry Kinnaird

05 MAY 2020

Each week, we’re introducing you to one of our amazing staff members and volunteers who will tell you more about their work and what a typical day is like for them here at Battersea. They’ll even share stories and photos of their favourite Battersea animals.

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This week, we caught up (remotely) with Harry Kinnaird, Content Coordinator in the Marketing Department at our London Centre.

Tell us a bit about what you do at Battersea

I’m a Content Coordinator within the Marketing Department, based at Battersea’s London site. This means lots of things as I sit between the Design, Content and Social Media teams which allows me to provide support teams require on any project. This includes everything from video editing all the way to set decorating for a Christmas shoot on the hottest day in July!

I also liaise with people from every department as well as new owners of Battersea animals, assist on photography and video shoots, set up and organise filming days and events for our dogs and cats and make sure that everything we do shows off our animals in the best way possible and showcases their best quirks and talents. It certainly keeps me on my toes.

I’ve been at Battersea for about 4 years and actually started out in the kennels as an Intake Assistant, working with the dogs who come in to us at the centre. I then went on to be a Community Engagement Officer where I ran learning sessions and workshops about responsible pet ownership for vulnerable groups, including taking Battersea dogs into prisons to work with inmates. Safe to say, my time at Battersea has been varied.

Who is your most memorable Battersea animal and why?

My most memorable Battersea animal is probably Potato, a Pug that came into Battersea years ago during my time in intake. I still see her from time to time as she was rehomed by a friend. She is Potato by name (and indeed by nature) due to her thick cream coat, and sometimes… distant expression. She loves nothing more than sunbathing and scoffing treats. She also enjoys frequenting local London drinking establishments.

Potato the Pug

What is your favourite thing about your work?

Every day is different thanks to the nature of my role. One day I’ll be finding brilliant rescue dogs and cats to star in our #rescueismyfavouritebreed TV advert… and the next I’ll be rummaging through our generous donations for toys to give to the animals in our Christmas photoshoot. In July, naturally. It sometimes involves quite a bit of running around which definitely keeps me active. It also means I still get to see lots of the dogs and cats who come to us which is a huge part of life at Battersea.

Show us your favourite ever photo of a Battersea animal

I was having a busy day at work, so I decided to go to the cattery during my lunch break for some downtime and cat socialising, which is something all our staff members can train to do. One of my friends in the cattery knew exactly what would help me destress and sat me in a cat pen with three adorable kittens. (See if you can spot kitten number 3) The result was significantly lower blood pressure - and this picture!

Harry and three tabby kittens

Top TV, Book or Film recommendation for lockdown?

You can never go wrong with the Lord of the Rings (extended edition of course).


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