Good News Roundup - Friday 10th April

10 APRIL 2020

With so much uncertainty and lots of changes to most people’s normal routine right now, each week we’re sharing some of the good things happening at Battersea with all our dogs and cats in the hope it adds a bit of cheer to your day.

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Let’s take a look at some positive news and fun things from the last seven days across Battersea and beyond.

Wobbly kitten Lofty is living his best lockdown life

Wobbly Battersea kitten Lofty has stolen the hearts of not just his foster carers, but the nation this week!

“Wobbly” kitten Lofty was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, an incurable neurological condition that causes his head to involuntarily wobble. He arrived at our London centre with his two siblings when he was only seven weeks old. Despite his condition, Lofty is in no pain and has proven himself to be a bundle of positive energy during his time at Battersea.

As for many of us across the country, these are unusual and uncertain times for the four month old Battersea cat. Staff had just been given the green light to start looking for a new home for him when the nation went into lockdown and we had to suspend rehoming, putting Lofty’s next big adventure on hold.

Like many of Battersea’s animals, Lofty is currently staying with one of our amazing foster carers. To keep active and engaged, Lofty’s carer Roxy Mok has been finding ways to keep the quirky kitten entertained. She said: “We’re playing together a lot at the moment to make sure he’s getting the stimulation he needs, he really loves his feather toy and stuffed animals. He’s also fond of a nap or two and is honestly just the sweetest little cat. I know he’ll make a wonderful pet when the time comes and in the meantime, he seems quite content keeping me company.”

While Lofty will hopefully be looking for a permanent home soon, Battersea has currently suspended rehoming. Anyone interested in adopting a cat or dog from us should register on the website and the rehoming team will be in touch when they can once we’re able to re-open.

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Serving up a real dog’s dinner! Battersea launches online pet baking series

Social media at the moment is full of pictures of freshly baked banana bread, chocolate cake and Victoria sponges as people across the UK take up baking in quarantine.

Here at Battersea we have also jumped on the baking bandwagon - but staff here have been focusing on treats that our canine and feline friends can enjoy, using ingredients such as carrots, tuna and potato.

This week we’ve launched our very own Battersea baking series streaming across our social channels, teaching dog and cat owners at home how to bake special snacks for their pets. New episodes go live every Thursday at 2:30pm. If you want to bake with Battersea, head to our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Rehoming and Welfare Manager, Rebecca MacIver, said:

“While we’ve been in lockdown, many people are taking up new hobbies. If you’re a pet owner and are getting into baking, it would be a shame not to let your dog or cat enjoy the fruits of your labour too!

If you are going to bake for your dog or cat, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t make this a regular treat. Just like us, dogs and cats can get a bit too round if they overindulge and should only have a treat as part of a balanced diet.”

Battersea are still caring for dozens of animals across our three sites. To give a donation toward their care, please visit

Here come the cats

Last week we featured some fantastic canine coworkers who are very much enjoying their owners and foster carers working from home, and this week it’s the turn of our cat colleagues! Designer Donna has been sharing creative ideas with Suki, Brand manager Claire is being expertly overseen by Obi and Digital officer Emi has been chasing away those pesky bugs with Cat Man Du.

Suki the cat

Obi the cat

the Cat man du


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