Good News Roundup - Friday 1st May

01 MAY 2020

Another week over and done with! To combat some of the stresses and strains of daily life, we’re sharing some of the good things happening at Battersea with all our dogs and cats and in the hope it adds a bit of cheer to your day.

Here’s our rundown of happy stories and fun things from the last seven days from across Battersea and beyond.

Have you heard about Missy – the cat with no ears?

Missy the cat with no ears

As a leading animal charity and the creators of the ‘Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed’ campaign, we at Battersea have always believed that every animal is unique. However, it appears one Battersea cat is more unusual than most. Meet Missy, the rescue cat with no ears. She also happens to be the first Battersea animal to go to a new home after we’ve been able to resume rehoming dogs and cats following government-approved guidance.

Missy, a beautiful tortoiseshell was brought to our London centre at the start of February when her owner’s circumstances changed. Shortly after arriving, staff noticed that the three-year-old cat often seemed unhappy and was frequently shaking her head. Battersea’s team of vets ran tests and discovered both her ears contained polyp masses and were severely infected. After exploring all options, vets made the decision to operate on Missy’s ear canals and remove the outside of her ears.

Beautiful Missy is truly one of a kind and although she may appear ‘earless’, she can still hear perfectly well and quickly became a much happier cat following her treatment.

Cattery Team Leader Michelle Henry-Clement said: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this sweet girl during her time with us, when we haven’t been cuddling or playing together with her favourite string toys, she’s kept us entertained with her funny, seal-like belly flops. We were sad to say goodbye to our unique cat but very excited for her to start the next chapter of her life.”

Battersea staff are working hard to respond to rehoming enquiries and to rehome dogs and cats following Government approved guidelines. We are currently prioritising existing applications and customers who live a short distance from our three centres.

If you would like to help Battersea care for cats in need like Missy during this time of crisis, please consider donating.

Read the story about Missy on The Metro.

Blind border collie pup finds her very own guide dog

Paddy and Sheeva

Sheeva, the two-year-old American Bulldog, has found her calling as a guide dog to blind six-month-old puppy Paddy at an RSPCA centre in Halifax. The pair became inseparable when Paddy arrived at the centre in February after his owners’ circumstances changed and they were no longer able to look after him. Sheeva arrived at the centre in December after her owners were evicted from their home. Now Defra has given permission for animal rescue centres to begin fostering and rehoming - under strict new social distancing procedures - Sheeva and Paddy will be looking for their forever homes.

Read the article about Paddy and Sheeva on Hello!

Bringing home the silver

This week we were delighted to find out that Battersea had won a Silver Award in the People's Choice category at the Charity Film Awards! Our film was the story of Phoebe and Teddy, with voiceover from our fantastic ambassador Anthony Head. Watch below for their happy endings:

What's a little rain?

Well, the weather has definitely taken a turn this week, and some of our canine coworkers have got a few things to say about it! Ex-Battersea dog Juno thinks it’s definitely the weather for staying under the covers while foster dog Ollie is dreaming of sunnier days from the sofa and fellow foster Rufus is keeping guard for the first sign of sunshine.

Juno hiding under the covers

Ollie snuggling on the sofa

Rufus has found the best seat in the house


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