Good News Roundup - Friday 27th November

27 NOVEMBER 2020

In these uncertain times, we’re sharing our weekly round-up of positive things happening at Battersea, as well as heartwarming dog and cat stories from the UK and beyond. We know that animals can be a great source of comfort so we hope it adds a bit of cheer to your day.

A twist in the tail for Oliver

Oliver the blind puppy

A blind puppy has found a loving new home in time for his first Christmas, after being found wandering helpless and alone in Hyde Park in London.

When he arrived at Battersea our expert veterinary staff quickly realised the three-month-old Rottweiler puppy was completely blind, which may be why he had been abandoned.

Thankfully, after a rough start to his young life he has found himself a happy home with new owner Suzanne and will spend his first Christmas surrounded by a loving family.

Despite being blind, the young dog has quickly learnt to map out his new home and is finding his way around. He even brings his new owner Suzanne his food bowl whenever he starts to feel a bit peckish, earning him the new name Oliver Twist.

Suzanne said: “Although Oliver is blind, he’s such a confident boy! He’s now fully settled, and with the help of his new big sister, Izzy, it took him no time at all to happily find his way around his new home. He’s such a big character and he really goes to show that while rescue dogs aren’t always perfect, they are definitely worth it.”

We would always urge anyone with a puppy, or any animal that they can no longer look after to bring them into a rescue centre like Battersea. This way, they’ll be safe and will have the best chance of finding a loving home, just like Oliver has done with Suzanne.

Say noodles!

Goofy guard dog Noodles; winner of the Mars Comedy Pet Photography award

Credit: Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare / PA

The winners of the Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photography Awards are in, and they’re sure to bring a smile to your face!

The winning image from the dog category shows a goofy-looking Noodles the rescue dog poking his tongue out stood next to a sign which reads ‘Guard dog on duty’

Noodles' owner Elke Vogelsang, who received a £3,000 prize for taking the picture, said: 'It's wonderful to be associated with something that makes people happy. This dog definitely is a mood-lifter, happy to share her funny, gorgeous face with the world.'

The winner of the cat category was Molgorzata Russell from Edinburgh who took the crown with her photo of her cat Basil poking his head out from under a fence.

Basil, the winner of the cat category

Credit: Molgorzata Russell / Mars Petcare / PA

Carrots helps see through the darkness

Carrots, the UK's only blind therapy cat

Credit: Telegraph & Argus / Katie Lloyd

Blind cat Carrots who helps bring comfort to patients at Bradford’s Marie Curie Hospice has been awarded the historic 2020 Blue Cross Medal for his valuable role in bringing smiles to the faces of patients and their families

As the UK’s only blind therapy cat, Carrots visits the Maudsley Street hospice with his owner Katie Lloyd where he likes to settle down with patients, bringing them comfort and relief and boosting their mental health.

Before the pandemic, Carrots was visiting the hospice twice a week, but unable to visit the hospice for the past few months, Katie has been sending letters from Carrots, signing off all his letters with a paw print.

Carrots was brought into a local cat rescue with serious eye injuries which sadly meant he lost his sight. Being blind hasn’t held him back though, and he has become a source of comfort and joy to patients and staff alike.


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