Good News Roundup - Friday 3rd April

03 APRIL 2020

With so much uncertainty and lots of changes to most people’s normal routine right now, we wanted to share some of the good things happening at Battersea with all our dogs and cats in the hope it adds a bit of cheer to your day.

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Here's our first weekly run down of some positive news from the last seven days across Battersea and beyond.

Hundreds open their homes and hearts to Battersea animals

More than 150 Battersea dogs and cats found loving new homes last week as the British public opened their doors and hearts to rescue pets amid this unprecedented health crisis.

At such a challenging time, Battersea saw a small ray of hope as its staff managed to rehome an amazing number of animals – more than double the figures for the same week in 2019.

All three of our Battersea centres are now closed to the public, but the majority of our animals are now in loving homes or out on temporary foster with our staff and volunteers. Battersea are still caring for around 100 animals at our three centres and working hard to ensure each and every dog and cat continues to get the treatment, care, love, play and interaction they need.

We would ask that anyone wishing to rehome a dog or cat fills out a rehoming application on our website and, as soon as we’re able, we’ll be reopening and working to continue finding new homes for our wonderful animals.

Animal lovers come together to #MakeFetchHappen

This week we've set animal lovers, pet owners and rescuers alike the challenge to #MakeFetchHappen We’ve even seen some famous faces!

Why not get involved yourself? Share a video of you throwing a ball or a toy to your pet and tag your friends to take part, using the hashtags #MakeFetchHappenand #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

Battersea puppies pop out in time for Spring

A litter of hand-rear puppies has been putting a smile on the face of our staff while we care for our dogs and cats during the current crisis.

Dinky, Bumble, Dude, Lola and Hetty were all born on site at Battersea after their mum came in already heavily pregnant. Sadly, she rejected her pups so staff decided it was safest to separate them. Their mum has since been rehomed.

Without their mother there to care for them, it was up to Battersea’s dedicated staff to ensure that the puppies grew into big, strong dogs. Staff have been hand-rearing the puppies, which means that they had to be bottle fed every two hours for the first few weeks of their life until they could be weaned when they became four weeks old.

With all of the bad news in the world at the moment, this gorgeous litter has definitely managed to make everyone’s day more cheerful.

Meet our new animal colleagues!

As lots of Battersea staff have started working from home, they've found themselves working alongside some brand new co-workers. From family pets to Battersea animals on temporary foster, take it from Ben and the lovely Monty, Ella and email-extraordinaire Brisco, and Becky and nap specialist Mable, some are more conscientious than others…



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