Keeping your dog cool this summer

07 JUNE 2021

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With the promise of summer and warm weather, and the world beginning to open up again, it’s only natural to start thinking about getting out and about in the sunshine with friends and family and making the most of the season. As well as fun in the sun it’s important to think about staying safe in the heat, especially for the canine members of the family. Keeping cool can still be fun, and thanks to renowned family-owned ice cream brand Jude’s, there’s now a delicious, cooling ice cream treat for every member of the pack to enjoy.

Introducing, Jude’s brand-new Ice Cream for Dogs. Made using dog-safe ingredients and real fruit purees, Jude’s Ice Cream for Dogs is a plant-based, strawberry, apple and banana ice cream treat, ideal for a family day out, whatever the weather. We’re delighted that Battersea will receive 5% of the proceeds from every tub of Ice Cream for Dogs, which will benefit every single one of the dogs and cats we’re committed to helping build a better world for, across all three of our centres and beyond.

So no matter your plans this summer, here are our top tips for keeping your dog cool in hot weather:

Don’t forget water

Water is essential for your dog all year round, but especially on a hot day. If you're out and about with your dog, make sure you always have a bottle of water and a bowl for them to drink from. A towel soaked in cold water also makes for a good DIY cooling mat for them to lie on.

Take regular breaks in the shade

When the weather heats up it’s important to give your dog regular breaks out of the direct sun. We would recommend going for walks earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it’s less warm, but if you do stop off for a cooling treat, this can be a good opportunity to tempt your dog out of the heat and into the shade to give them some downtime.

Be aware of hot surfaces

Surfaces which heat up in the sun, such as tarmac or sand, can be painful for your dog’s paws. If in doubt, check for yourself. If it feels too hot for you to touch, the chances are your dog's thinking the same, so try to stick to grassy or shaded areas instead.

Use up their energy in different ways

In warmer weather it’s a good idea to find ways to use up your dog’s mental and physical energy which are a bit less strenuous. For example, if they usually like to run for hours at a time this could be potentially harmful in hotter temperatures. Instead, you could hide their toys or treats in a smaller area and let them sniff them out, or you could freeze their food or use frozen treats in food puzzle toys to keep them stimulated without getting them hot and bothered.

Jude’s Ice Cream for Dogs is available now at Ocado. We recommend treats for your dog are given occasionally in small amounts as part of a balanced diet that’s appropriate for their age and lifestyle.



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