A look back at 2019

04 DECEMBER 2019

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As 2019 draws to a close, we’d like to thank you for your support and let you know what you’ve helped us achieve for all our dogs and cats.

A Bill to introduce five-year sentences for animal cruelty in England and Wales was introduced in Parliament, following years of campaigning from Battersea. It proved popular with every major political party, most of whom have included it in their General Election manifestos, and we will push for the next Government to make it into law.

Scotland is due to pass a law for five-year sentences for animal cruelty next year. We’re backing it every step of the way and your support has helped us address this issue with Scottish politicians.

When the General Election campaign began, we released our own Manifesto. It set out 12 issues the next Government should act upon to improve the welfare of dogs and cats across the UK. We asked the public to vote for the issues that matter to them most, which they have done in their thousands. The results will be released in the new year and these will help us to shape our priorities for next year.

We have also been active on a range of other key issues, including:

  • Keeping up the pressure to repeal Breed-Specific Legislation.
  • Working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to see more people given permission to have a pet.
  • Shining a light on how compulsory microchipping can be delivered more effectively.

Battersea has been working with a group of MPs and interested organisations to understand whether cat ownership has the potential to tackle the pressing issue of loneliness. The findings of this research will be published in the new year.

We look forward to your continued support in 2020.

Battersea's Manifesto

We have set out our top 12 animal welfare priorities for a new Parliament

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