Rescues to the Rescue - Jade and Evie

03 AUGUST 2020

We might have rescued them, but it’s fair to say that over the last few months our rescue dogs and cats have been rescuing us. From cuddles on tap, to being our companions during our daily exercise allowance, (remember those days?) our cats and dogs have helped us weather the storms and been our one true constant.

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Our latest advert is packed with just some of the special moments we’ve enjoyed with our pets as lockdown has started to ease and we’ve all been able to get out and about more and more.

We spoke to some of the stars of the advert, actress and poet Jade Anouka and her dog Evie to find out how they’ve been rescuing each other.

“When my partner and I rescued Evie she was a very nervous two-year-old dog. She wasn’t used to going on walks and she was scared of large groups of people, loud noises and especially motorbikes. Slowly we built up her trust, and three years later while we still don’t know exactly what mix of breeds she is, we do know that she is our fluffy bundle of love and energy, and that’s what matters.

Taking Evie for walks every day during lockdown has been great. She has forced me to get off my phone and my laptop and to reconnect with the outside world. Evie has also enjoyed the days where I’ve decided to go for a run! She always loves running alongside me round the park before we both snuggle up on the sofa for a well-earned rest. With cuddles in the evening and lots of playtime during the day life is definitely not boring in our house and we have Evie to thank for that.

I love rescue animals because they are truly one of a kind. I wanted to be part of the advert because I think Battersea does a fantastic job of caring for and rehoming dogs and cats and I want to help encourage people to consider rescuing and rehoming a pet.

Rescue animals have such unique characters and I've yet to see another dog that looks like Evie. They really are the best! It’s a great feeling knowing you've helped them, and you have been able to give them a better life and it’s fair to say their gratitude and constant love improves your life too.”

Jade and Evie

The devotion and companionship our rescue pets have provided, and continue to provide, during this challenging time are more important than ever.

During these uncertain times, Battersea remains committed to helping every dog and cat that needs us, as we have been for the past 160 years. Now, more than ever, we need your help to keep doing this. Take a look at some of the different ways you can support us and join the growing community of proud rescue lovers by sharing your love for rescues using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed

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