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07 MAY 2020

From behaviour basics to special skills, each week we'll feature a behaviour for you to teach your dog. Can you and your dog score top marks by mastering them all?

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Now is a great opportunity to work with your dog in learning a range of different behaviours. Week by week we'll be showing you how to master these, and how you can use simple behaviour basics as the building blocks to more advanced training with your dog.

Week 1 – How to train your dog

Kick off by revising the basics of positive reinforcement training

Start training

Week 2 – How to teach your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is a great behaviour to train your dog and can be the basis of other behaviour training.

Teach a sit

Week 3 – How to teach your dog to stay

Teaching your dog to stay can be useful in a variety of situations from crossing the road to waiting before coming in the house after a muddy walk!

Teach a stay

Week 4 – How to teach your dog to settle

Teaching a dog to lie down when asked on a mat or dog bed gives them and you time to “switch off” and chill out.

Teach a settle

Come back next week for week three's training challenge!

Happy training!


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