Graham Williamson

Graham Williamson

Committee Member

Graham has held senior leadership positions in a number of medium to very large enterprises and organisations, including Global Vice President of IT for Ciklum, Technology Strategy Director and Head of Strategy & Architecture for Interserve, and Head of Enterprise Architecture for UCAS. From this, Graham brings a wealth of experience formulating strategy and pragmatically executing, driving value and change across diverse organisations and cultures. 

Graham presently operates as the Principal Enterprise Architect for ServiceNow's UK & Ireland Public Sector organisation. In this role Graham helps ServiceNow's public sector customers strategise, architect and drive their digital transformations leveraging the ServiceNow digital transformation platform as a strategic enabler. 

Graham is particularly focused on helping public sector organisations address their "big rocks", including: interoperability, citizen services, digital healthcare, shared services and legacy IT to name a few. 

Graham has supported Battersea since April 2021 as one of Battersea's digital and data strategy and transformation expert advisors. Graham and his family have rescued, rehomed, and had their lives transformed by several wonderful dogs over the years. Their current furry friend is Topaze, a pale golden retriever.