Waseem Ali

Waseem Ali

Committee Member

Waseem is, first and foremost, a data person.

Having worked as a data practitioner before becoming a leader, Waseem has a deep understanding of the data industry, its value, and some the most common challenges that companies face when trying to realize that value.

Before becoming CEO of Rockborne, the UK’s expert provider of specialist Data & Analytics consultants, Waseem was the Chief Analytics & Research Officer at Lloyd’s. There, he managed a team of 100+ people and revamped their entire data ecosystem, making it more secure, accessible, and aligned with the company’s overall business goals.

Prior to Lloyd’s, Waseem ran (and eventually sold) his own data consultancy firm, where he worked with global organisations to set up their data teams and strategies. He’s worked with clients across a range of industries, from banking & finance to sports and healthcare. Prior to even entering the world of data, Waseem was a fully qualified and licenced tennis coach where he was responsible for setting up and running the adult and elite coaching programmes for his local club; his learnings from coaching and running his own tennis business have been fundamental to the progression he has made in his career.