Our policies

We work with Government and key decision makers across the UK to influence changes to the law that will benefit dogs and cats.

We seek to help the most unfortunate and unwanted dogs and cats in society, recognising that the vast majority of them are not lucky enough to be brought into our care. We are tireless in our efforts to help the underdog and are campaigning for political change where the law does not work for animals. We also tackle issues at source, with our Community Engagement team active on the front line of animal welfare in urban communities, working with those at risk of offending.

We’re influencing decision makers to change and improve animal welfare policies. In 2016, we influenced the House of Commons Environment Select Committee’s Inquiry into animal welfare, which endorsed both our End Backstreet Breeding campaign, and our forthcoming campaign for longer animal cruelty sentences. We are working with Government to help deliver the first real reform of dog breeding and sale licensing in 40 years, thus tackling puppy farming and improving breeding practices.