Battersea Old Windsor’s Ruby hopes a ‘silly old bear’ can help her find a home on Winnie the Pooh Day

18 JANUARY 2018

Today is Winnie the Pooh Day and Battersea Old Windsor’s German Shepherd Ruby is hoping A. A. Milne’s famous bear will help her find a loving family.
The 11-year-old German Shepherd is one of the biggest dogs at Battersea Old Windsor, and she’s hoping the words of the honey-loving bear will help her catch the eye of a new owner.
“Just because an animal is large, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want kindness.”
These were the words Milne’s beloved Winnie the Pooh used, when he explained how Tigger –the Hundred Acre Wood’s largest animal – needed just as much love as Roo, its smallest.
This steady, gentle German Shepherd is a lot less rambunctious than Milne’s bouncy tiger. However, this well-behaved girl still has plenty of spring in her step and she’s looking for new owners who can offer her a fun and loving home.
Battersea Old Windsor’s Centre Manager Kaye Mughal said: “Ruby is a lovely girl, with a sweet and sensitive side around other dogs. She might be a bit more mature, but you wouldn’t know it – as she’s still has a lot of bouncy fun left in her. Ruby’s a firm favourite of the staff and she’s made many human and dog friends during her time with us. If you show her a little kindness, she’ll fill your home and your heart with love.”
Some of Battersea’s other large dogs looking for a home include:
1. Sheena: this seven-year-old German Shepherd is a sociable and energetic girl, who’s looking for active owners who understand the breed. She loves her toys and liked to carry her favourite around with her at all times.
2. Eddie and Serena: this dynamic and inseparable Greyhound duo are looking for a home together. The four-year-old pair are two of the many Greyhounds that come into Battersea as retired racers. Serena’s a bouncy girl who loves to give kisses, while steady-Eddie is a foody who loves strokes and affection.
3. Storm: This young, seven-month-old is a German Shepherd cross Bernese Mountain Dog. She’s a gorgeous bundle of energy and intelligence. Storm’s a fun and affectionate girl, with some great training already in place. She’s looking for owners who can help her become the best dog she can be.

You can find out more about Ruby, Sheena, Eddie and Serena or Storm on Battersea’s website:
If you’re interested in rehoming them, or any of Battersea Old Windsor’s other dogs, please get in touch with the rehoming team on or 01784 494 443.

You can download photos of Ruby, Sheena, Eddie, Serena and Storm here.