Battersea responds to planned Government crackdown on irresponsible breeding

22 DECEMBER 2017

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has responded to new Government plans to bring in proposals in the New Year tackling the cruel and irresponsible breeding and sale of dogs.

 Chief Executive Claire Horton said: "Battersea is hugely encouraged to see the Government move so quickly in planning life-changing new proposals to crack down on cruel and irresponsible pet breeding practices. 
“Sadly at Battersea, we see far too many exhausted breeding bitches and their sick and under-socialised puppies and we welcome the Government’s intention to make their sale online much harder for unscrupulous breeders to achieve. We must bring an end to them trading in misery.

“Battersea believes there are many measures here that could make a real difference. Requiring sales to take place in person at the seller’s premises would deny such dealers the secrecy they need to keep dogs in unacceptable conditions. 
“Requiring licence details to be displayed on adverts will help would-be pet buyers make better informed decisions, and a commitment to always see the puppy with its mother is essential. 
“Such measures will help the nation’s rescue centres such as Battersea have to care for fewer dogs that have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous breeders and dealers. It will end the misery of buyers who experience significant emotional distress and financial loss when they are duped into buying a sick and poorly bred puppy.”