Battersea welcomes new regulations to tackle animal cruelty in Scotland

01 FEBRUARY 2019

The Scottish Government today (Friday, 1 February) announced a consultation which proposes some welcome changes to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. Among the measures, the consultation will look at increasing the maximum prison sentence for the most serious cases of animal cruelty from one year to five years imprisonment. Currently, at just 12 months, Scotland has among the lowest animal cruelty sentences in Europe.


Battersea has been campaigning to see the maximum prison sentence for the most shocking animal cruelty offences raised from one year to five years since 2017.


Battersea’s Director of Communications Dee McIntosh says:


“Battersea welcomes today’s decision by the Scottish Government to launch a consultation on animal health and welfare. We’re particularly pleased it includes the prospect of raising prison sentences for the most horrific cases of animal cruelty to five years. Animal abuse knows no boundaries but Battersea is cautiously optimistic that there’s the political will in Scotland now to get tough on abusers once and for all and make the punishment fit the crime.  


“Research shows that the prospect of longer prison sentences can indeed act as a deterrent for any would-be offender, so we look forward to working with the Government to see tougher sentences become a reality.”