Black Greyhounds - the loneliest dogs at Battersea Old Windsor

02 OCTOBER 2017

New statistics released today show black Greyhounds are the loneliest dogs at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Old Windsor centre.
While the average Battersea dog takes just 35 days to rehome – black Greyhounds at Old Windsor typically wait 55 days to find a family.
Sadly, some can take even longer to find a home – such as seven-year-old former racer Nellie who’s been at Battersea for over 100 days.
Battersea Old Windsor Centre Manager Kaye Mughal says black dogs often have a harder time catching people’s eye.
Kaye Mughal says: “People love sharing photos of their pets on Instagram and other social media and it’s no secret that black animals are harder to photograph. Because they’re dark, it can be difficult to distinguish their features on camera – and it does take a bit of practice to get the perfect snap.  This has led to a misconception that black animals aren’t as ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ as their brown, brindle and white counterparts.”
Battersea staff also find that many people who want to rehome a dog have misconceptions about Greyhounds.
Kaye Mughal adds: “People assume these breeds are very high energy dogs and constantly need exercise. But, in reality, most Greyhounds will have short bursts of energy where they want to zoom around, and then they’re happy to spend the rest of the day lounging around. It’s such a shame so many people automatically dismiss them, because they’re loving and gentle-natured and many of them can make great pets for people with less dog experience.”
Meet the lonely black Greyhounds at Battersea Old Windsor…
Seven-year-old Nellie has been at Battersea for 105 days, and is looking for a family to call her own. She had to retire from the racecourse when she broke her toe, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Nellie’s also spent time in a home and ended up at Battersea through no fault of her own when her family’s circumstances changed. She’s a real cuddlebug who loves people, but she also needs a big garden to zoom around in when the mood takes her. Do you have space on your home and in your heart for this beautiful girl?
Two-year-old Greyhound Anna arrived in Battersea Old Windsor a few weeks ago, and she’s hoping she’ll buck the black-dog trend and find a home quickly.  Anna’s a sociable girl who’s looking to put her racing days behind her. She gets on well with other dogs and could happily live with another Sighthound. If she does end up being the only dog in the home, she’d love to have some doggy friends she could meet in the park to play with. Anna also loves human company and enjoys a fuss and a cuddle. If you could give laid-back lady the home she deserves, please get in touch.
Serena and Eddie
Smiley Serena and enthusiastic Eddie are looking for a home together, with owners who have some understanding of ex-racing Greyhounds and their needs. The duo, both aged four, have been at Battersea Old Windsor for almost two months now and they’ve become firm favourites with the staff. Eddie is a funny, affectionate boy who enjoys the company of both people and dogs. He loves food more than anything, except perhaps his best friend Serena. She’s a bouncy, affectionate girl who loves jumping up to give kisses and leaning on people for a fuss and cuddle.
If you want to rehome one of Battersea’s adorable black Greyhounds, please contact 01784 432 929 or visit