Brave kitten Arthur battles back after arriving at Battersea in a terrible state

21 OCTOBER 2016

Tiny kitten Arthur was only around four months old when he was found abandoned near Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London in a cat carrier at the beginning of October. The poor little mite was in a terrible condition, with severe burns around his mouth.

It was lucky Arthur was discovered and brought into the world-famous charity when he was. Upon closer inspection, staff from Battersea’s Veterinary Hospital realised his fur was crusted over and his tongue was completely swollen and ulcerated. The vets believed he may have been covered in a caustic substance and burned his mouth and tongue trying to lick his coat clean.

Arthur was given a thoroughly good clean and a feeding tube was inserted to help him eat and drink. After some careful TLC from Battersea, Arthur was soon happily eating on his own and feeling like a king again.

Arthur is now a purrfect knight in shining tabby armour! Fit, healthy and raring to go, Arthur wants to find his paws in the world and is now seeking a loving home.

Battersea’s Head of Catteries, Lindsey Quinlan, says: “Arthur was really tiny and in a bad way when he arrived at Battersea. We were all really worried about him when we first found him, but the vets did a great job in getting him back to full health. 

“He’s a brave little warrior, getting stronger by the day. Arthur’s a determined kitten looking for a home where he can explore and play, but also wants to find someone to show him some love after the trauma of what he’s been through.”