It's the dog's biscuits: Battersea launches new pet baking series featuring apple slices, frozen treats and pancakes

25 MAY 2021

Baking has long been a favourite pastime for many of us, and during lockdown many more discovered the simple pleasure of whipping up a sweet or savoury treat from scratch. 

Now there’s no reason why our pets need to miss out on the joy that baking can bring, as Battersea is launching a new series teaching owners how to make tasty homemade pancakes and frozen treats, perfect for a summer’s day, for their dogs and cats using healthy ingredients such as bananas, apples and sweet potato.

From tomorrow (26 May), Battersea will be streaming the new Made in Battersea baking series across its social channels. The series is returning by popular demand after the charity launched its first baking series last year, which to date has received over one million views.

The first episode will air at 11:00am and will show dog owners how to make a selection of mouth watering recipes, including:   

  • Dog pancakes
  • Frozen dog treats
  • Apple slices for dogs
  • Watermelon ‘ice cream’ for dogs
  • Frozen fruit cubes for dogs
  • Cat friendly egg cups
  • Frozen cat treats
  • Homemade beef jerky for cats
  • Gummy cat treats
  • Tuna balls for cats


Rehoming and Welfare Manager, Rebecca Lodder said:

“We all want to show our pets just how much we love them and baking tasty treats for them can be a great way for us to bond closer to our dogs and cats.

“All of the Battersea recipes have healthy and pet-friendly ingredients but baking for your dog or cat should only be done as an occasional treat. Just like us, our pets could get a little too rotund if they are given the chance to overindulge.”

If you want to bake along with Battersea, head over to the charity’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok.

Battersea has been here for every dog and cat since 1860. To find out more about the charity and the work they do, please visit



Notes to editors

  • Battersea is committed to helping every dog and cat that needs us - championing their rights, loving their imperfections and expertly caring for them. Because rescue is our favourite breed.
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