04 JANUARY 2019

A curvy cat at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has two New Year’s resolutions this year; to find a loving home and to stick to a strict diet that will help her lose some much-needed weight.

The dumpling-shaped Dina came to Battersea in November as a stray, when she was found living in someone’s garden. Despite having no apparent owner feeding her, she was seriously overweight when she arrived at the charity’s London centre and staff were concerned for her health. Staff reported that during one memorable visit to the on-site clinic, Dina spotted the weighing scales and hissed at them before skulking off.

Today is Fat Cat Friday, and staff hope it’s a sign that the plus-sized puss could soon find a home. While the average stay for a cat in Battersea is just 22 days, Today marks eight-year-old Dina’s fiftieth day at the world-famous charity  

Rosa Steele, Cattery Team Leader at Battersea, said: "Dina is a sweet cat with a lot of love to give, who's sadly been here for twice as long as most of our cats. She enjoys nothing more than a chat with her human friends and a cheek rub or two. She's on a strict diet which is going well, but she's still overweight - so her new owners will need to be committed to keeping her on track and maintaining her diet and finding fun ways to get her to do a little exercise.

“Most cats have a healthy appetite and enjoy a balanced diet. However some, like Dina, may like their food a little too much. Cats are strong-minded creatures and they will be sure to let you know what food they do and don’t like, owners just need to make sure they’re eating the right amount each day and getting enough exercise to prevent any unhealthy weight gain.”

It is estimated that between 39 and 52 per cent of cats in the UK are overweight or obese. This can cause a variety of health problems, so it is crucial that owners help their fat cats lose weight to ensure they can live happier, healthier and longer lives.

On any given day, Battersea cares for approximately 200 cats across three different sites in London, Kent and Windsor and on average it will take 22 days for each of these cats to find a loving, new home.

To find out more about adopting Dina or any of the other cats at Battersea, please visit Diet advice for cats and dogs is available on the Battersea website.


For more information and images please contact 020 7627 9265 or email To see images of Dina, please click here.

Notes to editors

  • Fat Cat Day was created by the High Pay Centre and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to draw attention to the pay gap between top earners and the average UK salary.
  • Whilst Fat Cat Day is primarily about salaries, Battersea is hoping it could also bring some luck to the rather round Dina.
  • There is no time limit on how long an animal can stay at Battersea, but the average stay for a dog is 38 days and 22 days for a cat.
  • Battersea is here for every dog and cat, and has been since 1860. Since it was founded over 150 years ago, Battersea has rescued, reunited and rehomed over 3.1 million dogs and cats.
  • We believe that every dog and cat deserves the best. That’s why we aim to never turn away a dog or cat in need.
  • In 2017, Battersea helped over 7,000 dogs and cats.
  • Battersea cares for an average of 300 dogs and 200 cats across its three centres at any one time.
  • In addition to the site in South West London, Battersea also has two other centres based at Old Windsor, Berkshire and Brands Hatch, Kent.
  • For further information on Battersea, please visit Follow Battersea on Twitter @battersea_ or