Statement on the removal of RSPCA powers of prosecution

15 NOVEMBER 2016

From Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, PDSA

As the UK’s leading animal welfare organisations, we believe that the removal of the RSPCA’s ability to prosecute animal cruelty offences would be hugely detrimental to the welfare of the thousands of animals that are victims of cruelty in England and Wales every year.

We would strongly question whether any other body currently exists that would have the resources to provide a service similar to the RSPCA’s considerable expertise, experience and credibility in this area. We would further fear that without the RSPCA carrying out this vital work, many cases of unacceptable animal abuse would go unprosecuted.

Animal welfare organisations see terrible examples of animal cruelty on a depressingly frequent basis and, as a result, we place great value on the work that the RSPCA undertakes to secure prosecutions under the Animal Welfare Act. We would reject any move to reduce the charity’s powers to bring the perpetrators of this cruelty to justice.