Our work

Battersea aims to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help, caring for them until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes. We are champions for, and supporters of, vulnerable dogs and cats, determined to create lasting changes for animals in our society.

Animal care and education

Established in 1860, we’re one of just a few animal rescue centres that run a non-selective intake policy. This means we accept any breed of animal, at any age, including dogs or cats with serious medical and behavioural problems. Find out more about our intake policy.

Our expert team of dog trainers and veterinary staff give the animals in our care the best possible chance of a fresh start in a happy new home. Find out more about our animal care.

We work hard to educate the public about responsible pet ownership including microchipping, neutering and training.

Our values

Everything we do as individuals and teams, as vets and volunteers, fundraisers and foster carers, nurses, kennel and rehoming staff, is underpinned by our values:

  • Care – We are passionate about the welfare of dogs and cats, and all of our work is inspired by the needs of, and our love for, animals.
  • Excellence – We have been working tirelessly to provide shelter for animals for over 150 years. We are one of the oldest animal charities in the world and the knowledge and experience we have gained has made us credible leaders in our field.
  • Determination – We deal with some of the most challenging situations that impact the lives of dogs and cats. We seek to tackle problems at source by working actively with communities and wider society, challenging misconceptions and encouraging owners to take responsibility for their pets and treat animals humanely. We will not shy away from difficult issues.
  • Respect – We treat all animals and people with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity – We are trustworthy. We are indebted to our supporters and greatly value all the donations given to us, ensuring they are carefully spent on providing the best possible future for animals.
  • Commitment – We strive to find every dog and cat a loving home. We put no limit on the time an animal stays with us, and we will never put an animal to sleep unless significant medical, safety or legal reasons compel us to do so. Our staff and volunteers are hugely committed.

Funding our future

We rely on the generosity and support of the public to continue to be here for dogs and cats that need us.