Battersea response to Ukraine Conflict

18 MARCH 2022

We are deeply concerned by the conflict in Ukraine and we stand in solidarity with everyone affected.   

Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes, including many who have pets with them. Stories of people fleeing or taking shelter with their pets have been appearing in the news every day and Battersea wants to help these owners and animals during this time of crisis. 

We are in contact with organisations in neighbouring countries to offer our support. Battersea’s Global Programmes team is supporting organisations that are currently on the ground directly helping Ukranian animals and has granted £25,000 of emergency funding to Paws2Rescue and Sirius to help them carry out their vital work, with plans to shortly fund further organisations. 

These organisations are working hard to help animals and rescues directly impacted by the conflict, as well as offering any assistance they can to get animals and their owners across country borders including transportation, vet checks, help with paperwork and any relevant pre-travel treatments. 

For anyone looking to support animals caught in the conflict, we would urge you to consider donating to any of the above organisations, or visit the Euro Group for Animals website where you can find a list of animal welfare organisations in and around Ukraine: