Bessy's story

The wonderful Bessy came from a lovely home, unfortunately, her owner could no longer care for her after losing their job due to Covid-19, and had to move to a property that didn’t allow pets. They wanted what was best for Bessy, and made the responsible decision to bring her to Battersea instead of trying to sell her online or abandoning her. And because at Battersea our expert teams of caring staff, our amazing volunteer foster carers offer a familiar environment where dogs and cats can flourish, this truly was an act of love.

Upon arrival, Bessy received surgery at the clinic for an eye condition that is typical for Shar-Peis. She made a full recovery, thanks to the care of the Veterinary team at Battersea’s clinic.

As Bessy was wary of strangers and under socialised with other dogs, she spent some time at Battersea, where she received the behavioural training she needed. She was able to bond with her handlers, and was very responsive to training around new people and dogs.

To help her relax and settle into the kennels, Bessy’s handlers designed a programme of enrichment activities for her. Bessy was given a variety of slow feeders and food puzzles which she enjoyed, and even took part in scent sessions, where her handlers discovered that she loved the smell of vanilla, jasmine and peppermint!

Because of her ongoing behavioural training needs, Bessy was rehomed to experienced owners who could help build her confidence and work on her social skills around people and dogs. She has come on leaps and bounds since then, and has even learnt how to play fetch and enjoys playing with her owners in their garden.