Cat fostering application form

Thank you for applying to be a cat foster carer. Fostering is hugely rewarding and provides Battersea with invaluable support. To ensure the best experience for both you and any cats you may foster, please ensure that you have read the full description before and registered for an account applying. Please read the form thoroughly and fill out every section. A member of the team will then be in touch. Thank you again!

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To be a foster carer at Battersea there are a few requirements you must meet. We’re sure you understand that these have been put in place to ensure animals get the best possible care while they wait to find a permanent home. Please read the below requirements carefully and tick the boxes for all those that apply:

Please note that you must live within an hour of the centre selected. To foster from our Brands Hatch or Old Windsor sites you will need your own transport.

Please note that adult cat fostering at our London and Old Windsor centres is currently closed.

Are you applying to foster:

If you are applying to foster adult cats as well as mums and kittens, please select both options.

We are looking for foster homes which ideally have no other cats or dogs. Most of our cats aren’t that comfortable around other animals.
Our foster cats tend to be those who are highly stressed and fearful. It is therefore vital that they have somewhere quiet away from busier parts of the home. The spare room in the foster home allows the foster cat to have a space that is dedicated solely for their own use. This is so they can gain confidence at their own pace.
We ask that any children in the foster home are over 13 years of age. This is because many of our cats are incredibly timid and need a calm and quiet household in which to come out of their shells. This is in no way a reflection of your child or children, but a rule to safeguard the welfare of our cats.
We ask that any children in the foster home are over 8 years of age. Mum may be sensitive about her kittens and the kittens themselves are particularly vulnerable at this age. This is by no way a reflection on your child.
It is very important for kittens to have lots of positive experiences early on in life so we are looking for foster homes who have plenty of time to spend with them at this young age. This will help them grow up to be happy, well rounded adult cats.