Bud's story

Bud became known as Battersea’s unluckiest dog. But what was it that finally turned his bad luck around, helping this affectionate and playful character to find the new home he deserved?

Bud became known as Battersea's unluckiest dog

Over 1,000 days in kennels

With the average stay for a dog at Battersea being just one month, Bud became known as Battersea’s unluckiest dog after spending over 1,000 days with us, in kennels and with one of our foster families.

At seven years old, Bud’s former owners brought him into our Old Windsor centre following a change in their circumstances which meant they were no longer able to look after him.

An affectionate and playful character, he was an immediate hit with our staff and his fosterer. Whilst Bud was enjoying his time on foster (mainly chasing tennis balls around the garden and learning new commands), we all wanted nothing more than to see him find a new home to call his own.

Not prepared to give up on finding a new family for Bud, our staff started using every possible opportunity to tell his story, taking him along to fundraising events and running rehoming appeals for him in the press and on social media.

The perfect match

Then, after appearing on Battersea’s ITV series Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, Bud’s luck finally changed. With a strong chase instinct when he spotted cats or wildlife out on walks, Bud needed experienced owners to take him on. Luckily for Bud, the Corns family spotted him on POGDOGS and they turned out to be the perfect match.

A happy ending

Several months on and Bud has settled down with his new family. They say - “He loves being involved in whatever the family is doing and we’ve all fallen in love with him.” He’s enjoying daily walks and long snoozes in the lounge; he’s got several dog friends, and has even befriended a pet rabbit.

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