Ralph's story

In 2015 an emaciated dog was found wandering the streets of South London alone, scared and in pain. No one knew how long Ralph, a four-year old German Shepherd, had been left to fend for himself.


When he was brought into Battersea, his skinny, hairless body was a shock to our veterinary team. Quite possibly for the first time in his life Ralph was surrounded by loving and compassionate people who only wanted the best for him.

Ralph's 10 week transformation

Ralph was suffering from a severe bacterial infection which made his skin dry and inflamed, he was also dangerously thin and his paws were swollen and sore. Despite his obvious discomfort he was the most gentle and trusting dog. His 10 week transformation back to full health took patience, dedication and commitment. 

After spending a month with Battersea’s vets and vet nurses, Ralph was placed in temporary foster care. His foster mum Wendy Tung fell head over heels for this very special dog and felt so lucky she was able to go on to keep him, giving him happiness and the loving home he so deserves for the rest of his life.