Blue's story

by Glyn & Jayne 

We got Blue from you in November and since then he's been getting to know the local area, figuring out all of the sights and sounds as well as the wildlife

He now walks on a loose lead most of the time and gets to free run on most walks too. He's really lucky as he lives two miles from the nearest beach and two miles from the New Forest.

In the forest, he's met horses, donkeys and cows which he likes but isn't bothered by and will happily walk past. However when it comes to a squirrel, he's pretty determined to find out what they are about but just isn't quite quick enough. We also are keen on deer scent but has luckily not found them yet.

At the beach, he just wants to be in the water all the time and if there's a stick or a ball to go to fetch, then it's even better. He is still learning about waves but he is a quick learner so is getting the idea to jump them or wait until they break. Once he's done in the water, a good roll around in the sand is the order of the day just to make sure sand gets everywhere in the van/car and house.

He's also learning to play with lots of other dogs and has made lots of friends around the area although bigger dogs still need some work. He regularly gets to meet guide dog puppies of all ages (my parents are guide dog puppy walkers) and loves playing with them and mostly teaches them good habits as the older dog.

When he's not in the forest or the beach, he has a big garden to run around and a box full of toys to destroy (third favourite pastime) but he's great in the house, loves anyone who comes to say hi, especially children, and is most happy when he's got a pair of feet to lie on after a hard day having fun.

Thanks for an amazing dog.