Gemma and Lady's story

by Lindsay and David

We adopted our two beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Lady and Gemma, in August 2015. We had never thought of getting two dogs but when we got the call suggesting that we come in to Battersea to meet them we knew we were in trouble already! We immediately knew they'd be perfect for us despite their older age and numerous health issues. 

They have settled in so well and even made time to star in an episode of Paul O'Grady's For the Love of Dogs. It seems funny now that we worried at first that we might not be able to tell them apart because they have such different personalities! 

Lady is very laid back and lazy but very determined if she wants something - she often takes herself off to the cupboard where the treats are and sits there looking at it until one of us sees her! She's also very stubborn, refusing to go for walks if it raining or if she was trying to catch up on her beauty sleep. Her arthritis gives her pain in her front legs sometimes but her heart murmur has all but gone for the time being. She is the perfect patient when she needs her eye drops each morning - she finishes her breakfast then comes and sits by the shelf where the medicine is and waits to have them administered - in exchange for a treat of course.

They love each other so much and are always together - they never seem to fall out or get on each other's nerves - the only time it gets a bit tense with sibling rivalry is when they appear to race each other to finish their chews! We are so glad that they got to stay together and that Battersea found us the perfect dogs. We are also grateful for all the veterinary care they received at Battersea that set them up so well for their new life with us. 

Adopting Lady and Gemma from Battersea is the best thing we've ever done - I can't remember what life was like before we had them. We hope that their improved health continues and that they will have many more years with us in their retirement home!