Tallula's story

by David, Steph and Alf

I'd just like to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to enjoy a new journey in our lives with Tallula.

The first few days we brought her home she was suffering with kennel cough. We took her to the vets to have her checked over to make sure it was not getting worse. He gave her some medication and with in a couple of weeks she was coming into her own.

When she's not throwing her toys around the house and making you chase her she's usually snuggled into one of us having a little nap.

She is quite the celebrity with the kids. They even knock on our door and ask if she is coming out to play. She loves to chase them for hours and once she gets them she showers them with kisses. Some even bring out their own dogs to play. Tallula has a new best friend at the moment called Cleo, a young puppy Chihuahua. They play for hours and get on great.

When it's bed time she makes sure we are all still here and in her own way rounds us up till we're all in bed. Then she'll give you a little lick and snuggle up to you before she doses off into her cute little dreams.

Then the fun begins after a good night's sleep. First she'll  have a nose around to see if you're awake then she'll jump on you licking your nose and ears to wake you up. We then go for walkies and when we return the toys start to get scattered everywhere.

She truly is an amazing bundle of joy who has taken to us and her surroundings so well.