ERIC's image
ERIC's image
ERIC's image
  • Age
    2 Years
  • Living with children I can live with teenagers
  • Breed Lurcher
  • Living with dogs I can live with other dogs
  • Sex Male
  • Living with cats I can't live with cats
  • Size Large
  • Ideal home location I prefer to live away from the inner city
  • Centre Brands Hatch
  • Reference 376731

More about ERIC

Eric is a delightful, handsome young dog who came in to us as a stray, so we don't know how he will settle into a home as he may never have lived in one before. He will need all basic training, including house training and getting him used to household routines, noises and appliances.

Eric is ideally looking for owners who have previous experience of owning a sight hound or have done their research into the sighthound breed traits.

Although Eric has shown good social skills around other dogs, he would be better suited to being the only dog in the home while his new owners get to know him and he settles in.

Eric's new owners will need to have realistic expectations with regards to recall due to Eric's breed and they should use a harness and long/lunge line for the foreseeable future while teaching him recall.

If you have the time and patience to teach sweet Eric how wonderful pet life can be, please contact our Brands Hatch site on 01474 875106 or email

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