Older dogs: Some call it history, we call it character

Older dogs have a magic all of their own and they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. Check out all the reasons why you shouldn’t overlook an older dog.

The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here at Battersea we know that’s certainly not the case. Older dogs have a magic all of their own. Their experience only adds to their character and by rescuing an older dog you can look forward to companionship, heaps of charm and a whole lot of love. Here are just some of the reasons why a senior dog might be the right choice of dog for you.

They’ve done their homework, and they promise not to eat yours

Rescuing an older dog is a great way for first-time dog owners to learn all about what it takes to look after a dog. Most older rescue dogs will already be house-trained, as well as just generally more settled in terms of who they are and what they like. Puppies are hard work; trust us! Older dogs are normally less destructive, so if you’re particularly house proud, rescuing an older dog means you are significantly less likely to find teeth marks on everything you own.

They still have a few tricks up their sleeves

When it comes to party tricks, older dogs actually have longer attention spans than puppies. As with all ages of dog, if you’re prepared to be consistent and keep up your end of the bargain when it comes to training sessions, there’s no reason why you and your older rescue dog won’t be wowing friends and family with impressive new skills in no time at all.

Older rescue dogs are second hand, not second best

Older dogs find themselves in rescues like Battersea for lots of reasons. More often than not it’s through no fault of their own and instead the result of a change in circumstances of their previous owners. New babies, house moves, and changes in lifestyle can all prompt people to give up older dogs. Some older rescue dogs come to Battersea as strays, or may have had a more colourful history, but they still have just as much love to give, maybe even more.

It’s all child’s play to an older dog

Often, an older dog is a safe pair of hands. By rehoming an older dog from a rescue centre like Battersea you will have some understanding of their behaviour and how they’re likely to act around different family members, either from previous owners, or from expert staff who will have spent lots of time working with them and taking care of them. As with all dogs, children will still need to be taught to interact with older dogs in a safe, respectful way, but with peace of mind from our expert assessments, an older dog from Battersea could be right at home on your sofa.

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