Sled dogs: So much more than just a pretty face

Baby they were born to run, and our sled dogs are looking for owners who can keep up. Is that you? See how you measure up.

There’s no denying that sled dogs like Huskies, Malamutes and Samoyeds are beautiful, but it’s important not to judge them on looks alone. While sled dogs can make fantastic pets in the right environment, it’s worth remembering that they were bred to work, and to run. Think you can keep up? Take a look at a few of the things to consider before bringing one of these highly intelligent, friendly dogs into your life:

Sled dogs just need a new pack to run with

Sled dogs are primarily pack animals and they thrive on company. While their ancestors were used to living with lots of other dogs, sled dogs who haven’t been bred specifically to work still crave the company of their humans, and sometimes other dogs too. If you have plenty of time to spend keeping active with your sled dog by your side, then they might be the dog for you.

Baby, they were born to run

Not content with lazy days on the sofa, sled dogs were literally born to run. And run and run. If you’re a fan of getting active, hiking, and just generally being outside for hours on end then a sled dog might be the perfect running buddy for you. Sled dogs are playful and highly intelligent, but easily bored, so will enjoy mixing it up and accompanying you jogging, cycling, hiking, and doing all sorts of other activities.

Sled dogs love a pamper. Because they’re worth it.

With their thick coats, designed to help them withstand the harshest of conditions, sled dogs wouldn’t mind us saying that this means they are pretty high maintenance and need a lot of grooming. Most sled dogs will benefit from daily brushing, so if you have plenty of time to spend pampering and love any excuse for a bit of self-care then a sled dog might be right for you.

Sled dogs walk the walk and talk the talk

Sled dogs are very friendly and love nothing more than a good chat, making conversation either with other dogs, their owners, or sometimes just with themselves. If you like lots of peace and quiet (or have close neighbours who do!) then it may be worth considering this before rehoming a sled dog.

There’s a reason the phrase isn’t “sled-dog tired”

With a great amount of energy comes a great amount of mischief. Without plenty of exercise a sled dog will turn its attention elsewhere, and most doors, gates and fences will be no match for a sled dog on a mission. If they get too bored, or don’t get enough exercise and stimulation, sled dogs will dig, climb and jump for freedom, so it’s important to consider this when thinking about bringing one home.

While sled dogs like Huskies, Malamutes and Samoyeds are some of the more high maintenance breeds, if you’ve got the time, patience and energy to handle them they are completely worth it. 

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