Staffies: Careful, they lick!

Forget what you’ve read: Staffies aren’t tough, they’re just tough not to love. Find out why one of these affectionate, playful dogs might be right for you.

Staffies are lovers, not fighters. Often misunderstood, most Staffies really only need two things in life: human company, and playtime. Here at Battersea we know that they are more likely to flash you a trademark smile than anything else. Rescuing a Staffie will guarantee you fun, laughs and plenty of affection (and lots of licks!) Here are just a few of the other reasons why a Staffie might be a great choice for you.

Staffies aren’t tough, they’re just tough not to love.

Staffies are softer than you think. They are friendly and affectionate and love nothing more than a fuss from their owners. Sometimes nicknamed the “nanny dog”, Staffies are also known for being patient with younger members of the family.

Staffies have brains as well as beauty

Staffies are intelligent dogs who love to please their owners. This is a great combination when it comes to training your new pet. They’re full of energy which will make for lots of fun as you’ll need to get creative to make sure you’re keeping their attention.

Staffies are fitter than a butcher’s dog

Staffies are robust, healthy dogs and generally don’t suffer from any breed-specific health issues. This peace of mind is incredibly comforting when bringing a new pet in to your life and should help keep down the cost of vet bills and insurance.

Maybe they’re born with it. Maybe they’re Staffies.

When it comes to grooming, Staffies are reassuringly low maintenance. As they have a short, single layer coat, Staffies require minimal grooming to keep them looking great. They don’t need their fur clipped, and a regular quick brush will remove any shed fur and help keep it off your sofa.

Staffies are 0% tough. 100% fun.

Many Staffies are full of energy and love nothing more than to play games and run around with their owners. They will happily play with toys in short energetic bursts before lying down for a cuddle and a snooze.

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