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Finn's image
Finn's image
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Finn's image
Finn's image
  • Age
    7 Years 8 Months
  • Living with children I can live with teenagers
  • Breed Saluki
  • Living with dogs I prefer to live alone
  • Sex Male
  • Living with cats I can't live with cats
  • Ideal home location I prefer to live in the countryside
  • Centre Old Windsor
  • Reference 359352

More about Finn

Finn is a true rescue dog looking for patient, experienced owners who would like a project dog to do lots of training with. During his time with Battersea, Finn has progressed well with his training but this will need to be continued in his new home. Finn is very vocal on lead when he sees other dogs and wildlife and needs a home in a quiet, rural location where he can walk without the worry of seeing other dogs around. He has shown that he can meet other calm dogs once he has walked with them on a few occasions, and has even had a short game with a similar sized dog so is looking for owners who can very gradually build up some dog friends for him.

Finn is lacking confidence and seeks reassurance from his human friends. He is looking for owners with experience of worried dogs, ideally with dogs that are vocal especially when seeing other dogs and around new or novel experiences. Being a Saluki, he would also benefit from having owners who understand his breed. Finn really needs to have access to his own secure garden where he can have a run and stretch his legs, as he will need to be kept on lead when out on walks. True to his breed, he shows a very high chase drive towards wildlife and should not live with cats or any other small pets, and is also looking for a home where he is the only dog.

Finn is an affectionate boy and once he's built a bond with people he loves nothing more than relaxing on a comfy blanket while enjoying a fuss. He adores food and this is definitely the way to his heart, and great to use for training. Finn requires plenty of training and guidance and will need patient owners who are prepared to work with him, but in turn we feel it will be hugely rewarding for his new owners to see how much he develops and gains in confidence given a routine and the right training. If you are interested in finding out more information about Finn, please contact Battersea, Old Windsor, on 01784 494443 or

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