Fostering dogs

We are now recruiting for dog fostering at Battersea. We are looking only for applicants who are happy to take on larger dogs, have had dogs with behaviour challenges such as separation anxiety and/or are willing to follow behaviour and training programs. Please read the requirements below carefully before applying.

Becoming a Dog Foster Carer means you are providing invaluable support in caring for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals by preparing them for their new homes.

Fostering dogs also gives Battersea a valuable opportunity to see how our dogs behave in a domestic environment so we can find them the right new homes.

What type of dogs will I foster?

Most dogs require a foster home for behavioural or stress reasons. Many are not coping in the kennels or are displaying unwanted behaviours. They may be shut down or nervous. We will always ensure the dog is suitable for you and will discuss all the details of the dog with you first so you are fully informed.

Our foster dogs tend to be medium to large sized so being comfortable with handling this size of dog is important. In many cases, foster carers will need to be willing to follow behaviour training programs to help dogs to resolve unwanted behaviours.

What are the requirements to become a Dog Foster Carer?

  • We are looking for adult homes only. This is to ensure the best chance of success for the foster dog
  • We are looking for minimal/low time alone for the foster dog. During the start of the fostering most foster dogs will not be able to be left at all, and their time alone will need to be built up very gradually.
    They are not permitted to go into workplaces or dog daycare centres.
  • Flexibility – we are looking for foster carers who are able to come into site on weekdays during hours 9am-4pm for dog collections and drop offs. Clinic appointments will be during 2-3pm on weekdays. These are often planned in advance but if the dog is unwell then you will be required to bring your foster dog in for a vet check the same day. Visits to site are usually around an hour, and sometimes longer. Foster carers should also consider journey time to and from site, and seriously consider if they can commit to coming into Battersea when required. Please do consider the impact this can have on your week, particularly if you work full time.
  • Due to the nature of the foster dogs we are looking for calm and quiet households with no other pets
  • We are looking for applicants that ideally have previous experience with rescue dogs, preferably working with those who are more vulnerable or have challenging behaviours. Training and support will be provided throughout the foster period.
  • A private garden is also highly beneficial for fostering dogs. It is not essential but is a requirement of many of our foster dogs who will need a safe, secure space to follow their training programs.
  • Living within one hour of one of our three centres and be able to travel to a centre when required for clinic and rehoming appointments.
  • Willingness to follow our guidance- each dog will have a training program that will need to be followed. This will ensure the best chance of their success.

We would like people to commit to us on a long-term basis as the dogs that need fostering require a nice stable environment which requires commitment from the Dog Foster Carer. Each individual foster case will vary; they can range from two to three weeks up to three months and sometimes even longer if the dog is struggling to find a home.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and a chance to make a real difference to a dog who might be struggling in a kennel environment. It is, however different to rehoming. If you’re interested in owning a dog, find out how to rehome a dog.

What do I need to do as a Dog Foster Carer?

  • Care for all the dog's needs – feeding, walking, grooming, training, socialising
  • Be willing to follow our guidance and regulations on training and handling
  • Be happy to play a part in the rehoming process by providing photos, videos and regular updates via email
  • Be able to get to our centres to attend Clinic or rehoming appointments, which may be last minute

What support will a Dog Foster Carer receive?

  • Training in dog behaviour and welfare
  • Regular contact with our Fostering team
  • Veterinary and behavioural support provided throughout the foster period
  • All supplies needed for your foster dog will be provided

How do I become a Dog Foster Carer?

1. Application

Complete the application form. Please provide as much information as possible.

Before applying we recommend that you read our fostering FAQs.

2. Phone call

A member of the fostering team will call you for an interview and to answer any questions you may have.

3. Home check

We ask that you kindly send in footage of your home. This is in no way to judge your home. It is only to check that it is a safe environment for our animals and to determine the best match for you and your set-up.

4. Inductions

We will invite you to two inductions for assessment and training. These sessions will be online at this time.

If you're ready to become a Dog Foster Carer, click below to apply.

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Unable to foster a dog?

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