JESSIE's image
JESSIE's image
JESSIE's image
JESSIE's image
JESSIE's image
JESSIE's image
  • Age
    4 Years 2 Months
  • Living with children I can live with older children and teenagers
  • Breed Greyhound
  • Living with dogs I can live with other dogs
  • Sex Female
  • Living with cats I can't live with cats
  • Size Medium
  • Ideal home location I prefer to live away from the inner city
  • Centre Battersea
  • Reference 379735

More about JESSIE

Jessie is an ex-racing greyhound ready to retire and explore everyday life.

We don't have a history for her but from what we've seen here she is a typical greyhound - a few minutes of zoomies and then back to bed!

She loves people and her food and can be quite friendly and animated with other dogs but owners will have to have some management around smaller dogs due to some chasing behaviours (you can take the girl out of the track but you can't take the track out of the girl!)

Despite this she is very manageable, friendly and calm around other dogs, recalls nicely to her name and is very motivated. She might be able to live with another greyhound or a similar type. She will need a private garden for toilet training and for a zoom around but she is an easy going and affectionate and beautiful girl just waiting for that perfect retirement home she can enjoy.

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