Lyn's image
Lyn's image
  • Age
    3 Years 11 Months
  • Living with children I can live with teenagers
  • Breed Greyhound
  • Living with dogs I prefer to live with other dogs
  • Sex Female
  • Living with cats I can't live with cats
  • Size Large
  • Ideal home location I prefer to live away from the inner city
  • Centre Old Windsor
  • Reference 375388

More about Lyn

Lyn is a very shy but loving Greyhound who needs owners that can give her lots of time and love to help her settle in.

She loves other dogs, and tends to be a little bolder when in the company of another dog. She will need to live with another dog that can show her the ropes and help her settle in, helping her to come out of her shell.

Lyn is affectionate towards people she bonds with, and she looks for reassurance from her handlers. She can't wait to get to a home where she can enjoy life and relax more. New owners will need to go slow and give her plenty of time as she is currently a very worried lady.

If you are interested in finding our more about Lyn please call us on 01784 494443 or email

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