Hendrix's Story

To launch our Wear Blue for Rescue campaign encouraging people everywhere to support rescue, we’re sharing the stories of some of the dogs and cats we’ve cared for who have come a long way and who have gone to their lovely new homes.

This is Hendrix’s story

Like many of our animals, Hendrix arrived at Battersea through no fault of his own. His previous owner’s circumstances changed, which meant that they could no longer look after him.

On arrival, Hendrix was very shy and a little overweight. Having been an indoor cat his entire life, he didn’t have much interest in the outside world. It took a few days for Hendrix to settle into his new surroundings, but his friendly nature was clear from the start and he enjoyed visits from staff and volunteers, and playing with his favourite string toy.

It wasn’t long before Hendrix caught the eye of his new owners Kat and Olly. They were immediately taken in by his affectionate nature and decided he would be the perfect addition to their family.

Hendrix settled into his new home very quickly. Not only did he lose the extra weight, he also started to show his inquisitive side. With the help of Kat and Olly, he was able to slowly venture outside and learn how to use a cat flap. Hendrix isn’t a fan of the rain or the wind, but he likes to lounge on a bean bag -his favourite spot in the garden- when the sun comes out.

Nowadays, Hendrix enjoys joining Kat and Olly in bed first thing in the morning, and running to the front door to greet them when they come back from work! He has brought a lot of joy to their lives and is never too far when Kat and Olly need a cuddle or a reason to smile.

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